Welcome to the DuraMat Data Hub

The DuraMAT DataHub is a framework for collaboration members and the public to provide and access PV durability data. This Energy Material Network DataHub helps merge real-time data streams from field deployment, experimental data and modelling and simulation data. This Hub also helps manage and monitor the data activities of the collaboration as a means to support the Data Management initiatives.

Module material durability studies are an ideal platform to demonstrate the power of materials informatics. Data management and analytics form the backbone of the consortium. The data hub will integrate accessibility to historic data, new computationally derived data, and new experimental data generated across the primary technical areas. Data analytics will focus on multivariable correlations to understand complex reliability issues—from large sets of time-series and discrete experimental data, along with computation data, and field testing.

For problems and concerns please contact the Infrastructure lead, Robert White or the Analytics lead, Anubhav Jain

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Contact the data team with questions and feedback about the data hub.