URL: https://datahub.duramat.org/dataset/69ae2a0e-241a-4147-bd08-0119649f7de8/resource/cb355975-c850-46ca-851e-c972fff00806/download/30_wetpol-h2o2-5.fcd

This dataset shows a demonstration of a custom data tool. The data hub has a plug-in architecture, and custom data tools like this one can be developed. In this example, three files (in a known file format for fuel cell testing called "fcd" (fuel cell data)) are combined into a custom static graph displaying current density vs cell voltage and resistance. This type of custom data tool can be developed for your files, if you have a standard file format and want to combine the data from multiple files into one custom graph.

If you are interested in developing a custom data tool like this for your data, please contact emnadmin@nrel.gov

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collection date 8/2/2018

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Created August 2, 2018
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