• Help and Tutorial

    4 Resources
    A dataset for help and tutorial documents
  • New Project Request

    2 Resources
    A template for requesting a new project. Down the appropriately formatted file that you need. Email back the completed form.
  • Multifile Uploader Tool

    2 Resources
    This data set contains two executable programs: one for Mac and one for PCs. Once downloaded you can run these apps to create new data sets in a project or append data to...
  • Demo: Multi-Spectra Data Tool

    3 Resources
    The multi-spectra view enables visualization of multiple single-spectra files together in the same graph. To use this view, each of the spectra files must have only TWO columns,...
  • Demo: Fuel Cell Data Format (FCD Format) Data Tool

    3 Resources
    This dataset shows a demonstration of a custom data tool. The data hub has a plug-in architecture, and custom data tools like this one can be developed. In this example, three...
  • General Standards Documentation

    1 Resource
    Standards and best practices for researchers and users