PV performance can degrade over time through various effects including module materials degradation, soiling, outages, etc. Through the DOE PV Fleet Performance Data Initiative, we have collected system performance data from over 8 GW of systems comprising thousands of individual inverter channels. These data streams have been quality checked and analyzed for annual system performance loss rate (PLR) using the NREL software RdTools. A PLR histogram was published in D. Jordan et al, Photovoltaic Fleet Degradation Insights, Progress in Photovoltaics, 2022 with other climate and technology trends identified. The raw data for this histogram is derived from multiple participants in the DOE PV Fleet Performance Data Initiative and posted here. The data .csv file includes performance loss rates, PLR confidence intervals, module technology, mounting type, PV climate zones (based on Karin et al 2019 ) and analysis weather type.


Figure 1 Current distribution values of fleet degradation comparing literature vs measured and calculated PV Fleets time-series data

Aggregated and anonymized data for this study can be found at this location or by clicking on the Data and Resources menu tag to the left. Dataset DOI 10.21948/1842958

Column description:

  • plr_type: Type of RdTools analysis conducted based on available weather data. ‘sensor’: on-site irradiance and temperature sensors used. ‘nsrdb: satellite weather data used. ‘clearsky’: no on-site weather data available. Modeled irradiance and average temperature was used under clear-sky conditions only

  • plr_median: Median system degradation rate in %/yr

  • plr_confidence_low: 95% confidence interval for PLR, lower value

  • plr_confidence_high: 95% confidence interval for PLR, upper value

  • length_years_rounded: Length of performance data set in years (may not be the same as the age of the system if we only have access to some of the system data)

  • power_dc: Approximate DC nameplate power of the system (grouped by 2MW.)

  • pv_climate_zone: Karin PV climate temperature zone, scale of 1-7.

  • technology1: PV cell main technology (e.g. c-Si, CdTe, CIGS)

  • technology2: PV cell technology sub-category (e.g. PERC, Al-BSF)

  • type_mounting: Ground, roof, garage canopy, etc.

  • tracking: Boolean, is the system tracking the sun or fixed

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