Modeling the exposure of PV components on the module back side

DuraMAT 2.0 Project

Multi-Scale, Multi-Physics Model

Category: Predictive Simulation

Recipient NREL (PI: Kempe, Michael)

Status Awarded

Abstract This work consists of two parallel branches of effort: (1) a computational effort using raytracing to describe the backside UV exposure and (2) environmental chamber measurements for validating parameters for degradation extrapolation looking at multiple modes and degradation steps potentially leading to material failure. For this, we will acquire several contemporary backsheet materials of known good and known bad quality and expose them to various conditions of heat, UV, and RH conditions. Because we need to know the spectral dependence of degradation on UV light, we will use band-pass filters in front of the samples to vary this stress also [8]. For the material testing, we will look at loss of elongation to break, loss of adhesion, reduction in tensile strength, color change, and loss of transmittance or reflectance. The end product of this work will include both software as open access Python code on PVdeg on GitHub, and some typical values for degradation parameters useful to the PV industry.