Highly-conductive, Low-cost Polymer Adhesive Composites with Complex Dimensional Fillers

Recipient University of Akron (PI: Zhu, Yu)

Subs SNL

Status Awarded

Abstract This project will develop low-cost and highly conductive polymer adhesive composites using a novel, synergistic combination of 0-D filler (silver particles), 1-Dl filler (silver nanowires) and 2-D filler (edge functionalized graphene flake and graphene nanoribbons) in the polymer matrix to reduce the percolation threshold concentration of the fillers to ease application, decrease cost and improve strength without adversely impacting the conductivity. The proposed research will leverage the expertise of UA’s College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering and Sandia National Lab to provide an integrated experimental and computational approach. This work aims to develop the next generation conductive polymer composites for novel PV modules and experimentally validated models for predicting the properties of complex nanocomposites.