Hail Forensics Database for PV Power Plants

Independent Research Project

Module Forensics

PI Jon Previtali - VDE , Michael Perron - Brown & Brown

Abstract The Hail Forensics Database for PV Power Plants is an open archive aimed at advancing the understanding of photovoltaic (PV) module resiliency to hail damage. This archive serves as a repository for data detailing the effects of hail storms on solar plants, focusing on actual damage sustained as well as hail events that did not result in appreciable PV damage. Researchers, solar industry participants, insurance adjusters and other relevant parties are encouraged to submit tabular data in a format consistent with the preceding data, impact assessments reports, photographic evidence, and other forms of data that document the impact of hail events on solar installations. The aggregation and analysis of these voluntary data contributions will allow for improved methodologies to evaluate the risk of hail to PV and bolster the durability of PV modules in hail-prone regions. To request upload credentials or submit information, please contact Jon Previtali or Michael Perron. Contributions of real-world hail event data are vital to furthering industry standards and best practices that account for PV system resilience to increasingly common extreme weather occurrences.