A Software Program to Convert Between SIERRA and COMSOL Simulation Codes

DuraMAT 2.0 Project

Multi-Scale, Multi-Physics Model

Category: Modeling

Recipient Sandia National Laboratories (PI: Rahman, Farhan)

Subs None

Status Awarded

Abstract This DuraMAT spark project will develop a software program to convert Finite Element analysis (FEA) data between the SIERRA code suite used at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and the commercial code, COMSOL. At present, the absence of a converter between SIERRA and COMSOL file formats limits developed modeling capability sharing between SNL and other DuraMAT partners by requiring custom, time-consuming scripting each time a data transfer is needed. The converter program will allow direct transport of FEA data between SIERRA and COMSOL simulation codes. This will help realize the multiphysics modeling chain approach to predict overall degradation mechanism of PV modules. The converter will enable results from one particular physics simulation performed in either SIERRA or COMSOL to be carried over to a different simulation code where additional simulation considering a different physics can be performed. In addition, the converter will allow users to input desired region-of-interest in a large FE model in one simulation code to create a submodel with desired mesh resolution for additional simulation in a different simulation code.