Combined Accelerated Stress Testing

Recipient NREL (PI: Peter Hacke)


Status Awarded

Abstract This project seeks to quantify,validate,and optimizestress levels of the recently developedcombined-accelerated stress testing (C-AST) protocol. Degradation rate models will be appliedtoestimate the accelerationfactorsfor at least four degradation modes that have been shown in C-AST. Of these,the acceleration for one degradation mode is to be experimentally validatedin detail using the C-AST chamber. Validation for one failure mode will be also performed at various stress levels in the outdoors. Separately, C-AST will continue to be developed,including to prove its utility by reproducing field failures that do not manifest in standard test methods for PV modules,extending C-AST to test for failures in balance of system components,and extending mechanical pressure—currently applied only on one side of the module (e.g., simulating snow load)—to both sides of the module to better simulate wind loads, and lastly,to design a C-AST chamber for testing of full-size modules. The value proposition of C-AST will be developed through techno-economic analyses, improved data visualization, and engagement with the value chain to obtain feedback for the goal of wider adoption of the testing method.


Figure 1 View of the C-AST Chamber in operation