Durability of modules utilizing screen printed copper contacts

DuraMAT 2.0 Project

Module Materials Solutions

Recipient Bert Thin Films, LLC (PI: Druffel, Thad)

Subs Georgia Institute of Technology NREL

Status Awarded

Abstract Durability of modules utilizing screen printed copper contacts. This project will establish metrics for cell durability or silicon solar cells employing copper fire through pastes for metallization that translate into the established IEC damp heat protocols for silicon modules. The degradation pathways of the Cu paste at the module level will be studied with results detailing formulation and processing windows to produce a durable module. With the industry trying to increase production significantly, it is imperative that silver metallization strategies be replaced with lower cost metals, specifically copper. This project aims to develop accelerated aging tests that explore the impact of diffusion, oxidation and encapsulant degradation mechanisms.