Cell Crack Characterization using Digital Image Correlation

Recipient Sandia National Laboratories (PI: Stein, Joshua)

Subs N/A

Status Awarded, In Progress

Abstract This Spark project aims to develop, demonstrate, and validate a non-invasive method, DIC (digital image correlation), to measure PV cell crack displacements in laminated PV modules. In this technique, a pair of photos are taken of the PV module using two cameras located at a fixed distance apart. The PV cells in the test modules are painted or marked with a random dot pattern which can be resolved by the cameras and is used in the correlation method to measure full-field displacement. The sensitivity of this method depends on camera resolution, field of view, and size and spacing of the random dots. The method is well suited for fracture mechanics investigations because it provides precise data on both local and global strain distributions and crack propagation.