Effect of Cell Cracks on Module Power Loss and Degradation: Modern Module Architectures

DuraMAT 2.0 Project

Fielded Module Forensics

Category: Field Data Studies

Recipient Electric Power Research Institute (PI: Flottemesch, Robert )


  • Core Energy Works

  • Atonometrics

  • Southern Company

Status Awarded

Abstract How do cell cracks lead to power loss in modern modules? How can accelerated tests drive this process with known relationship to field service? The objective of this work is to understand and answer some of these questions. Cell cracking is a multi-step degradation mechanism that is challenging to model and predict. The reliability consequences of cell cracking range from no impact to the formation of hotspots and dead areas leading to module power loss or safety hazards. This wide range makes the accurate prediction of degradation rates related to cracked cells complex. Within this project, we will employ accelerated testing, field testing, and predictive modeling to further the mechanistic understanding of the underlying degradation process ranging from crack initiation and crack propagation, to wear-out of the metallization and potential module power loss.