Sandia National Labs, PV CAMPER project (PI: Burnham, Laurie)


Fraunhofer CSP, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Yeungnam University, Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore, Institut de Reserche en Energie Solaire et Energies Nouvelles, Qatar Energy and Environment Research Institute, CSIRO, Korea Testing Laboratory, Korea Institute for Energy Research

Status In Progress

Abstract The Photovoltaic Collaborative to Advance Multi-climate Performance and Energy Research (PV CAMPER) PV CAMPER, formed in 2018, represents a global network for cross-climate photovoltaic (PV) performance research and for the comparative analysis of advanced instrumentation and emerging PV technologies. Modeled after the US Regional Test Center Program, this international collection of field sites and research institutions provides a world-class platform to support the global deployment of solar. Because each participating field site is defined by common standards of instrumentation and operational protocols, members are able to exchange data of comparable quality, confident in its fidelity.

Overall, PV CAMPER aims to:

Foster collaborative R&D in the areas of PV performance- validation and reliability Provide a global platform for evaluating emerging PV technologies and for identifying and quantifying the factors that contribute most to climate- specific efficiencies Generate a set of best practices with respect to data collection; quantify and reduce measurement uncertainties and increase the accuracy and global applicability of performance models Develop a technical basis for matching new technologies, including novel cell and module types, to their operating environments (spectral sensitivities, irradiance characteristics, temperature range, etc.)