PV Lifetime Project – Measuring PV module degradation rates

Recipient Sandia National Laboratories (PI: Stein, Joshua S.)

Subs NREL, Chris Deline

Status In Progress

Abstract Started in 2016, the PV Lifetime Project is measuring PV module and system degradation profiles over time for different module types and technology. Outdoor energy monitoring in different climates is supplemented with regular testing under repeatable test conditions indoors. The focus is on the PV module, as well as other hardware components (junction boxes, bypass diodes, and module-level electronics) attached to it. Hardware is installed at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico, at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, and at the University of Central Florida. The systems are continuously monitored for DC current and voltage, as well as periodic I-V curves at the string level. In the future, once degradation trends have been identified with more certainty, results will be made available to the public online. This data is expected to enable an increase in the accuracy and precision of degradation profiles used in yield assessments that support investments made in new PV plants.